Dog Carts

The term”cart” generally refers to a two-wheeled conveyance and is the type generally used in competition. A four-wheeled vehicle is a “wagon”. ¬†Wagons are generally more stable but less maneuverable than carts.”Sulky” is a specific type of cart with a seat ¬†designed for a human driver.

There are no specific rules regarding the construction of dog carts, but some courses may have a maximum width of certain passages such as gates or bridges.

In a competition, the types of carts and wagons can range from finely crafted wooden vehicles to home-builts. The only concern is that the cart be safe and stable. Carts which do not meet this standard will be excused by the judge before the team can begin the course.

Below are several sets of instructions for building your own cart:

There are a number of commercial establishments from which you can order a cart. This partial list is in no particular order and we make no endorsements or recommendation regarding any of these vendors.